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SMS stands for Short Message Service marketing. SMS marketing is a process to send text-based messages to broad audiences around the world. SMS marketing is another digital way to connect with your customers. Today each one of us spends the majority of our time using Mobile Phones. It can be clearly said that Mobile Phones have become our basic necessity after Food, Cloth, and House. We can’t live without our phones in this era. Thus SMS Marketing is one of to most popular and impactful strategies used by most of the businesses today.

Based on specific goals different types of messages can be sent using SMS marketing. Here are a few examples of promotional messages, transactional messages, new product launch messages, offers, coupon codes, etc. Using SMS marketing one can reach a group of people quickly and efficiently. We can send bulk SMS at once by a single click button. 

SMS marketing can be measured in terms of performance. We can track the number of customers who have clicked on the linked mentioned in SMS. Also, we can track who has unsubscribed to our messages. As this is tractable we can customize our strategy and get better results.

Best Institute Mumbai Digital Marketing

Best Institute Mumbai Digital Marketing

Let us look at some of the statics and benefits of SMS marketing :

  • 98% of the people read text messages
  • 95% of the text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • 65% of the world population sends and receives SMS messages
  • 57% of mobile users are having smartphones
  • Globally people sending and receiving messages are about to reach 5.9 billion by 2025
  •  We can engage the global audience by using SMS marketing
  • SMS marketing is suitable for all type of businesses
  • We can connect with our users instantly
  • SMS marketing is cost-effective

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