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Nowadays running a business without having a website is like expecting a good result without. Also, just having a website will not help you to grow your business. You require to measure the performance of your website on a regular basis. Luckily, we have Google Analytics
for this.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service provided by Google. Also, one of the most powerful tools used by digital marketers today. It tracks every interaction of the visitor on the website and collects the data hence helps you to analyze the website performance. Google Analytics gives you in-depth insights by tracking and generating various reports on website traffic.

Based on these reports you can plan your business strategy accordingly hence driving it in the right direction.

digital marketing course navi mumbai

digital marketing course Navi Mumbai

Benefits of using Google Analytics :
1. Understanding the customers With the help of Google analytics, one can understand their customers in a better and deeper way. Despite being in any industry it is very important to understand the requirements of the customer. With the help of Analytics One can deliver better customer experience hence
resulting in customer satisfaction and growing business.

2. Tracking the content engagement
Google Analytics helps you to track how your visitors are engaging with the content on your website. Based on this you can make decisions and edit your content accordingly if it is not working.
3. Google Insights
These are the insights which only Google can provide to you such as customers which are having more chance to convert or customers having high revenue potential. It provides various reports and dashboards hence giving you the idea that how people are interacting on your sites and apps.
4. Data analysis and visualization Google Analytics collects the data in a very organized way. It is easy to manage all the data in
one place. User-friendly interface and easy reports which help you to analyze the data quickly.
Hence growing your business by making the right decisions at the right time.

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Start On December 1, 2019
Duration 3 Hrs.
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Google Analytics Training Program

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