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Digital Marketing Course Navi Mumbai

Email Marketing

Nowadays you might be hearing the term “Email Marketing” most often. Let us understand what exactly Email Marketing is and what all are its benefits?

Email Marketing is a process in which a commercial message is sent to a large group of people using electronic mediums. Basically you can say it’s a marketing of product/services to potential or current customers using email.

Ever since the introduction of the internet, Email Marketing has become a powerful tool for every business to reach their target audience. Email Marketing not only helps in targeting the new customers but it also is highly used in building relationships with current customers by updating them about the new services or any kindly of a loyalty program on a regular basis. Hence to conclude we can say Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that is used by every business to promote their brand and maintain the relationship with their clients.

Digital Marketing Course Navi Mumbai

Digital Marketing Course Navi Mumbai

Some recent statics and benefits of Email Marketing :

  • According to recent studies, 93% of business to business marketers use email marketing for connecting to their audience
  •  Active Email users are expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2022 
  • Daily Email sent is expected to reach 333 billion by 2022
  • 53% of the emails are opened on mobile devices
  • Email Marketing is cost-effective
  • Building a strong customer relationship is a key benefit of email marketing
  • You can expect a higher ROI by using Email Marketing as a strategy 
  • Email also is useful in covering Mobile audience
  •  Website traffic increases by using Email Marketing 
  • Email Marketing increases your Credibility
  • It increases sales

Email Marketing is a vast strategy. There are various types of emails to target different segments. Also various types of tools are used in Email Marketing. Know more about Email Marketing at MediaMitra. Enquire Now !!!

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Start On December 1, 2019
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E-Mail Marketing Program

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