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Blogging is a very popular innovative and creative activity. Our blogging courses will help you to create and develop an effective blog. In our blogging course, we’ll train you on how to develop really attractive and creative blog content as well as how to bring traffic to your blogging site and making it you’re earning bestie.

Blogging is personal as well as marketing innovation on the internet through digital marketing. The rapid development of the internet has tremendously aided the activities of blogging as a form of marketing products/services/skills/ideas and useful information.

Initially blogging was done for the personal purpose just to connect an individual’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas with people but now it has given a wider scope in the digital marketing industry. Blogging is considered as a stable form of revenue generation.

Through the medium of blogs, the blogger can express his/her views, lifestyle, cultural differences/ orientations, travel reviews and exploration, product benefit, after-sale services and many more. With blogging a blogger can earn on each view he/she get on their blog. For generating more income a blogger can connect with Google AdSense and display advertisement along with blogging.

What is Google AdSense?

Blogging is done on a daily basis whereas it gives a good opportunity to blogger to attach some ads and earn through it. Google AdSense is an advertisement providing a web-based application for bloggers and website owners. Google AdSense is another method to earn by highlighting the ads along with the contents or blogs. The Google AdSense is one of the most popular cross-platform which earns through displaying ads on blogging sites and websites. 

A blogging site can earn by AdSense when the interested readers click on them. On every click, the blogger earns some certain cents. If the blogging page has huge traffic it becomes easy for the blogger to be paid on the advertisement displayed.




  • Choosing a blog or domain name-

A name selected for your blogging page should be different, attractive, and effective. The blog name must drag the attention of the audience. If it is creative and attractive it will oblige the reader to at least open the blog page. Choose a name that represents your blog insight. Add domain names such as .com, .net and many more.

  • Selecting a platform for blogging-

There are numbers of a blogging platform such as WordPress, blogger, Bluehost, LinkedIn and so on. The blogger has to select one blogging platform to start with. The platform for blogging selected can provide free as well as paid services. The platforms providing premium services also help to develop and create your blog page.

  • Make your blog page-

The blogger has to design his/her blog page. The themes regarding the blogging page have to be selected. What look does the blog owner want to give to his/her blog page has to be specified. Fulfilling details about ownself, type of blog selected, and reason for selecting it.

  • Start with writing-

When you are done with fulfilling the details then comes the important part of the blogging, writing. A niche has to be selected for writing. The content written on a niche must be unique, creative, and well planned. Keywords play an essential role in blogging, which has to be maintained. A good content created seeks the attention of the audience reading it. The readers can understand it more easily if they are presented with a good amount of examples, images, and graphics.

  • Publish your blog-

Now your blog page has completed and you’re ready to post your first blog, as your blogging content is also prepared. After filtering your content of blogging you are set to publish it, which is your first step towards knowing the real blogging world.

  • Promote your blogging page-

Traffic building refers to growing your viewers. The blogging page needs to be promoted on different platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. the more you promote the more your blogging site is capable of getting traffic. The day when your blogging page catches the eyes of people is the day you’ll know your walking on the right path.

  • Focus on traffic building-

Traffic building refers to growing your viewers. The blog page reaches success when it gets maximum readers. With growing blogging, the number of the reading audience must grow. If the audience is limited and not building the blogger needs to check review all previous steps to find the issue.

  • Return on investment-

Finally, after complying with every step, it’s time to get something in return on investment in monetary value.


AdSense is another cross-platform for revenue generation in blogging. The blogger takes part in Google AdSense to generate more earning other than through blogging means.


  1. Google AdSense is a web-based application provided by Google for bloggers or website owners.
  2. A blogger needs to sign up with Google AdSense and needs to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Google AdSense.
  3. The approval of Google AdSense is required by the blogger. The Google AdSense scrutinizes the blogging content, blog page, traffic audience and everything related to the blog.
  4. Google provides approval to the blogging site when they comply with all the standard terms of the Google AdSense.
  5. The most vital part of blogging is its traffic, which also plays a significant factor in Google AdSense for approval.
  6. After the approval along with blogging, content ads are also displayed. The ads displayed must be related to the content of the blog that will create an effect on the reader to click on them.
  7. The ads displayed must be in a particular etiquette so it won’t be watched like they are placed unnecessarily or only for the purpose of making money.
  8. By using Google AdSense and attaching ads on the blogging page the blogger earns certain cents on every click on the ads and when it reaches $100 the blogger is paid about 60 to 68% of it.

Blogging is profitable using Google AdSense. It goes like this,

  • The good the blogging content-
  • The better the traffic-
  • The more the content related ads-
  • Higher the number of clicks-
  • This leads to an increase in the number of payments.


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Blogging and Adsence Program

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