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Our Affiliate Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai places emphasis on how to generate traffic on the website and helps to make money by promoting other products with the aid of search engine optimization, blogging, and many more digital marketing platforms.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based digital marketing tool that builds up traffic on the affiliate marketer’s website. Affiliate marketing aids the affiliate marketer to earn commission on each product it sells. In affiliate marketing, the affiliate marketer acts as a middleman between the customer and seller. The affiliate marketer gives honest reviews to the product which is another reason for the customers to buy those products as well as helps to boost the customer’s confidence in the product offered with the help of the third-party opinion. 


o    Affiliate marketing is one of the popular tools for offering promotion and income generation.

o    It targets a potential audience that helps to provide unique opportunities to marketer involved, generating more customers as well as revenue.

o    Affiliate marketing is an excellent digital marketing tool for passive income generation in which, you just have to find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a commission on every sale you make.

o    It provides a platform for real-time tracking of progress. Affiliate marketing is a trackable method that helps to plan the appropriate marketing campaign based on current performance.

o    Affiliate marketing acts as a means of ideal business opportunities generating income for bloggers, freelancers, side business persons and many more.

o    Analysing Return on Investment indicates the level of success or failure of an affiliate marketing campaign. The impact of ROI is based on the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. ROI can be measured in the ratio of revenue generated to the extent of expenses that occurred. 

o    It includes operations like pay per click, price comparison services, web blogs, websites such as Adsense, etc.

o    Affiliate marketing differs from other marketing tools in the sense that it has specific and measurable targets that have to meet business objectives correspondingly the rewards will only be affiliated to the ones who generate sales and accomplish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time-bound) objectives.

o    Sites containing high traffic acts as an effective means to generate sales and to widen the reach and demand for a product.


  1.   Affiliate marketing using Facebook.
  2.   Affiliate marketing using Instagram.
  3.   Affiliate marketing using Facebook ads.
  4.   Affiliate marketing using Pinterest.
  5.   Affiliate marketing using Youtube.



       Facebook helps to meet the target of reaching a large audience as it is one of the most visited sites; it provides a wider scope for affiliate marketing. To promote affiliated products, Facebook is considered as the most preferable social media platform. If you have a Facebook account you can directly start a Facebook page and get it started with promoting affiliated products likewise start earning an individual entity.


       In order to enhance creativity and to have a long-lasting effect in affiliate marketing, rather than using written content marketers can consider starting a YouTube channel to promote affiliate products with the help of sponsored videos, advertisements, and affiliate links. A You Tuber can review the products/services and put the affiliate link in the description box by communicating the product/services, through featuring it in a video thus creating useful content that will help to build an engaged community.

YouTube is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing as it acts as a means of connecting with the audience through video promotion.




      Post can be created in a detailed form and can be uploaded as a ‘pin’. Joining the affiliate network is one of the easiest ways to get affiliate links for Pinterest affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketer can get started with signing up with affiliate programs on Pinterest account, and by pinning the affiliate products with a good description.


     Instagram affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways through which influencers can make money on social media. Instagram link is mainly added to the bio section in the description of each post and affiliate marketing can also be promoted using Instagram stories, paid ads, promoting free gifts and by use of hashtags which enhances the chances of higher visibility.  



Amazon platform; Amazon Associates: 

      One of the most popular affiliate marketing programs is Amazon. Money generated from Amazon affiliate marketing programs is highly variable whereas the commission rates may vary from 1 to 10% as per the items sold. Amazon associate helps to integrate unique affiliate links, it works well with blogging as well as non-blogging platforms. Amazon associate is also called an Amazon associate program which is an easy way to make money through websites and blogs. 


      Rakuten displays serious features that differentiate Rakuten from other platforms. As it is one of the oldest affiliate partner networks. It is a flexible platform which provides multi-varied ads focusing on different segments


      Clickbank is one of the broader affiliate marketplaces under affiliate marketing business partners. Clickbank is the biggest network of affiliate marketing for engaging in the selling of physical as well as digital products and services online.


       Wordpress is the best management tool related to affiliate links under affiliate marketing. WordPress blogs can easily manage affiliate links like the post, cloak links, auto-insert links. Ads can be managed with Adsanity plugins.


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Affiliate Marketing Program Affiliate Marketing Program

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