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digital marketing training in Ghatkopar.


digital marketing training in ghatkopar: What are Facebook Ads?

online marketing courses in Mumbai. Marketing through social media is the biggest thing in today’s world. Facebook Ads is the top name in doing so. Companies generate sales and do marketing of their products and brands through the Facebook social media platform. 

Although many speculations arise as to does it help or not? So, to clear the doubts Facebook Ads is about to make $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising. Facebook Ads could be just that one thing one was waiting for upscale sales in the business.

Why Facebook Ads?

Let us get some statistics first :

  • Facebook is being used by 85% of internet users. Even people above the age of 60 are using Facebook. 
  • It is the widest and largest platform. So, there are customers on a daily basis as they not only use it every day but also multiple times in a day, which automatically improves your screen time for your potential customers.
  • Facebook helps you target your audience according to specifications of age, gender, location, behavior, and interest. Hence reaching thousands of appropriate customers in limited time and generating business faster than any other traditional marketing platforms.online marketing courses in Mumbai
  • Facebook is light on our pocket and doesn’t put a hole in it as other traditional marketing strategies do. An ad can be created with a free designing tool and marketed in as less as $5 dollars to reach a potential customer base of more than 1000 per day. 

For eg :

Cost per Click=$0.10

Customers that Click Ad=100

Conversion Rate=25%

Acquisition Cost=$0.10 * 100=$10
Customers acquired=100 * 25%=40
  • Facebook Ads generate maximum traffic for your website. Once a customer visits your website, remarketing can be done to the potential customer with facebook ads repeatedly to increase the conversion rate and hence increasing sales. 
  • Changing or Adjusting your Ad campaign is easier as one can track the results in a systematic manner to garner maximum customers in a lesser time frame. If the ad is not performing well one can immediately make changes and proceed which is not possible with traditional marketing.
  • One of the biggest use of Facebook ads is that it is on Mobile. Over 85% of Facebook users operate through mobile. Easy accessibility makes it the largest platform for result-oriented advertising. Facebook alone is the biggest social media network of over 3 billion monthly users.

Facebook Ads can not only double or triple your business, but also quadruple it in the shortest time with the least possible budget ever. Hence investing in Facebook Ads is the wisest decision to be taken at the earliest.online marketing courses in Mumbai


  1. Goal Setting: One of the basic and fundamental actions for running a successful ad or as a matter of fact anything in life is to have a Goal. A Goal decides the way and speed of your actions. 

As quoted by Bill Copeland  “ The Trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score ”. 

Facebook is as much aware of this hence it provides us with the best potential options to achieve our goals. online marketing courses in Mumbai

It helps us choose from options that will help us provide more sales or more engagements or more likes or more followers or whatever one wishes for the business.10 Essentials to Running a successful Facebook AD Campaign

Set your goal and Facebook handles the rest.online marketing courses in Mumbai

  1. Targeted Audience: Customize an audience as per location, gender, interests, behaviors, connections with the page, etc. 

Targeting makes it easy to reach the precise audience effectively in a limited time frame by narrowing down the number of people. 

With more than 2 billion daily users, Facebook gives us the potential of tapping maximum customers in a limited time span.

Target your Audience with three preferences :

  1.  Everyone on Facebook: For direct new customer list you can opt this option.
  2. People connected to your Page: For audiences that know you or are likely to know you via your people.
  3. A Custom Audience: Customise an audience set that is more likely will be interested in your product and brand.


  1. Imaging: Images speak more than words. But the right image speaks more about the thought process that needs to be conveyed. Hence Imaging is an important part of Facebook Ads. 

High resolution, good quality, bright and clear images can glue the customer to your ad and is more likely to generate conversion.

Facebook has kept the limitation of the text on the image to not exceed more than 20% or your ad will be seen by a limited number of customers.
online marketing courses in Mumbai

  1. Video: The One trend which is really creating hype is Videos. Not only does it keep the audience engaged but it also gives a personal touch to the emotions that the video is about to display. 

One has to make sure the video doesn’t depend on sound, as more than 80% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute.

digital marketing training in ghatkopar
digital marketing training in Ghatkopar
  1. Ad Copy: The clickable advertisement on the main text is the Ad Copy. It is placed on the second or third line of the Ad. 

An Ad Copy is used to increase the conversion rate and increase the profit ratio. It has a specific type of content and is mainly responsible for a customer to take action.

The general interaction with a customer is less to no on an Online platform. Hence, an Ad copy helps you to answer the queries and take action as it shows all the benefits and key features of your product and brand.

There are two types of Ad Copy :

Written Copy: A written copy is a Sales Letter that explains what the ad is about. The written material should convey all about your Ad in a way that is understood even to a layman with little or no knowledge about your product or brand.10 Essentials to Running a successful Facebook AD Campaign

Video Copy: Today the world is all about videos. A smart and dynamic person explaining all about your product and brand engages more audiences as there is physical correspondence with your brand and your customer. One needs to keep the videos and approach as far as on a One – to – One level for an individual approach. 

An Ad Copy can make or break your Campaign complete. Hence it is indeed the most important topic of your Whole Marketing Strategy.

  1. A/B Testing: As important is making an Ad, it is even more important to test it whether it is generating sales or no. A/B Testing method comes to one’s aide as a solution. digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

One can create many variations of the same ad and check which one performs better. With the different combinations and little time invested one can get the Ad that performs best and lessens the effort of trial and error on a huge scale. 

Different ads can be shown to the same targeted audience and in the same time span and get the best ad that works and generates business. Hence less time and effort are wasted. digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

  1. Landing Page: Landing Page is a very crucial tool that many seem to forget or ignore while Marketing through Facebook Ads. A nice Website page with a simple form for collecting details can easily increase your database. digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

One may take the customer to the website page and not directly to the website. While doing so the customer goes through only the desired product and not the whole website. Hence saving time and getting a better conversion rate. 


  1. Conversion Pixels: Conversion Pixels is a piece of code that helps in tracking your conversions and re-marketing your leads.

Pixels help in tracking the following :

  1. How people interacted with your Ad and Website?
  2. Which ads were clicked to go on your Website?
  3. Which pages on your website were clicked?
  4. What type of device was used?
  5. Which device is used more Desktop or Mobile?
  6. What type of people clicked your Ads?
  7. digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

Steps on creating Facebook Pixels?

  1. Click on Ads Manager.
  2. Choose Pixels.
  3. Create a Facebook Pixel.
  4. Choose a name for the Pixel.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Next. 

Once the code is generated, place it in the header of the page you want to track.

  1. Re-Marketing: Re-marketing is as important as Marketing. A customer is not bound to click or purchase your product at the first go. 

Hence retargeting or remarketing is required to get a higher and easier sales conversion. 

People become familiar with your brand and hence are more likely to divulge and convert. 

While retargeting one can include sales and discounts as the customer is already familiar with the brand and product.

One needs to keep retargeting ad simple but precise.

  1. Budget: The Business Page is a commercial-oriented Page. Facebook has converted and changed its value into trillions due to this platform. Facebook Ads is a revolutionized system for everyone to make money. Having a well-set budget gets one a better and easier business as compared to your competitor. Hence, the Budget plays a very important part in generating good and healthy business. Although the budget totally depends on the type of small scale or big scale business one is doing and the amount the company willings to pay compared to traditional Marketing ways. A good budget between $5 – $10 dollars a day can increase your sales in an exponential way. Digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

Last but not least, the most important step for a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign is to Take Action

As rightly said by Winston Churchill : 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

Hence, if you’re doing it the first time or repeating the process, just be consistence as that will make the whole difference.   digital marketing training in Ghatkopar

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