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E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

Mobile Marketing | Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai/ Vashi

E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai – Our email and SMS marketing courses mainly focus on the creation of attractive, informative as well as interactive content that aids marketer in creating awareness among people with well-planned advertisement thus enhancing sales and building brand loyalty.

Email and SMS marketing is cost-effective as it helps to generate a higher return on investment at low cost. Traffic is considered to be influenced in a positive direction and subscribers of an email grow day-by-day.

Email marketing is one of the powerful and rapidly growing channels available to modern marketers. Email marketing involves the process of delivering a commercial message to the target audience. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to convert potential customers into active customers.

Mobile Marketing | Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai/ Vashi

Mobile Marketing | Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai/ Vashi

One of the advantages of email marketing is that it generates a higher ROI for marketers.  The content communicated in email marketing is highly personalized and includes relevant messages.

The user gets frequent updates about the product, brand or services to which he/she has subscribed. The subscribers’ information is then processed, stored and used to segment different markets on the basis of geographic or demographic factors.

Email marketing is an important component of the digital marketing plan because of its effectiveness in driving conversions and building brand loyalty. It can also improvise sales promotion, brand awareness and reduces cost.

SMS MARKETING SMS marketing is one of the simplest marketing channels. Under SMS marketing the marketer conveys a commercial message about their offers regarding product/services and directly sends it to the potential customer.

E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

The ultimate goal is to convey promotional messages regarding the brand, product, service, and offers after-sales service and many more. SMS marketing operates by releasing bulk SMS messages to a large number of audiences through the use of mobile phones. By constant use of mobile phones, it becomes convenient and easy to communicate a large volume of audience. SMS marketing is commonly suitable for small scale businesses. It is a marketing channel engaged in promoting new products or services, retaining customers and to provide up-to-date information.

SMS marketing is also known as text messaging, as it conveys and allows conveying businesses to message customers. It provides offline as well as online platforms for marketing.


•    Email marketing differs from SMS marketing in the sense that the content is highly personalized and dynamic where the message planned differs from person to person targeted at different segments.

E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

•    Email marketing is better than other social media tools due to its effectiveness in communicating messages, increasing sales and lead generation.

•    With the help of email marketing, the marketer can build credibility for his organization by making consumer or their email subscribers confident about the company’s offering. A firm can build a trust factor by providing appropriate knowledge and information.

•    Targeting the right audience by planning the right marketing strategy can satisfy the consumer’s demand thus strengthening the company-customer relationship. A quick response from the marketer encourages the consumer to participate actively using email marketing.

•    For effective communication, the content communicated through email marketing should be quality based which must be personalized and segmented. Likewise, the marketer sends a commercial message to a large number of audiences the communication style should be planned in such a way where it collectively interacts with clients. Efficient communication by email marketing keeps the customer informed about the company’s latest offers, news, and development

•    The continuous and optimized content marketing campaign is one of the greatest tools for encouraging customers and enhancing brand loyalty. Email marketing keeps customers with continuous updates and reminders.

digital marketing course in navi mumbai
digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai
E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai


•    Mainly the message communicated through SMS marketing is short, clear and concise having direct point communication targeted to attract the client’s attention.

•    The impact of sending an advertisement to customers through SMS is well understood through the help of research. •    SMS marketing campaign acts as a marketing channel that allows company-customer interaction using text messages

•    A simple text message can increase marketers’ return on investment (ROI) if the message is positively perceived by the consumers which fulfills the individual’s requirement.

•    Millions of SMS messages are sent on a daily basis. The reach of SMS marketing and email marketing are both, therefore, more- than any other promotion or social media tool.

•    An SMS marketing message like offers, coupons, after-sales service, advertisements, etc., from a well-known brand, attracts more audience than usual. It creates more awareness about the brand, product or service.

E-Mail and SMS Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

The email and SMS marketing is up growing or rising digital marketing fields. The sales of a product/ service are more likely to grow online Therefore as well as offline using both SMS and email marketing. To subscribers, newsletters are sent on a regular basis constantly through emails conversing with them like a subscriber. One of the best communication methods to interact with the subscribers is to get their feedback. The feedback helps to target the audience as per their needs and demands.

The readers interested will definitely click on the link to see the offers, products or services if the email send serves quite a good deal to the reader they will opt to sign up as a subscriber to the email. The subscribers accept promotional messages by subscribing to it.

As email and SMS marketing is one of the effective ways to reduce cost and subscribing it will also aid you to improve the email mailing list. The advantage of SMS marketing is that the message is short, simple and informative.  SMS marketing provides a clear idea about the product, services or offers.

In today’s world of competition, everyone is searching for cost-effective, consumer-friendly and profit-making strategies in which email and SMS marketing serve their purpose.

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