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Digital Marketing Course in Vashi

Digital Marketing Course in Vashi

Digital Marketing Course in Vashi

Digital Marketing Training Institute in Navi Mumbai

What is Digital Marketing?

Is it Sales, Is it Prospecting, does it involve lots of research and in doing so will it burn a hole in my pocket? Also, will I be able to get any leads, will I get loyal customers or more so will I be able to Build my Brand?

Digital Marketing Course in Vashi

What if there is a way where all this can be done on a Single Platform The answer is Digital Marketing.Digital marketing course in Vashi

Digital Marketing helps you get answers for all such questions and many more. In today’s world where life is fast and furious at the same time, it is important to have a one door solution for everything. Digital marketing training course in Vashi

Digital Marketing not only helps you build your brand, but it also helps to grow it at an exponential speed with monetary gains using simple and easy tools to create more and more traffic.

Welcome to Digital Marketing at Mediamitra

Here we equip you with the following :
Digital Marketing Strategies –

  1. Brand Awareness: Creating Awareness of your Brand to the
    Customers and showing them that you exist.
  2. Engagement: Engaging your customer through entertainment and
  3. Marketing Funnel: Getting your customer to take action and
    becoming a valuable host to them.
  4. Lead Magnet: Creating a Networking channel with the help of your existing customers.
  • Social Media – One of the most successful strategies in Social Media. In today’s fast pace world social media is the fastest way of promoting and growing your business.
  • Branding and Design – In MediaMitra we help you create your brand and The design provides you with the appropriate tools.

Digital Marketing Training Institute in Navi Mumbai

  • Search Engine Marketing – We help you with the different engines where you can place your ads for promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization – A website helps a business to grow on a much better scale. We teach you how to optimize it so that Search Engines like Google recognizes you and grow your brand.
  • Pay Per Click – Generate high-grade leads but at a controlled cost so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Online Reputation Management – Online creating your brand is not enough,
  • one has to guard its reputation too. This is a strategy to maintain your brand for decades

Content Marketing Services – Our Content writers provide you with the appropriate content required for your business so that it is marketed in the most simple yet most effective ways

Lead Generation – We help you with Lead Generation Campaigns so that
you get the right clients and your success ratio increases ten folds.

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing
 Less Time consuming  More Time consuming
 Targeted Audience  General Audience
 Budget-friendly  High on one’s pocket
 Global Reach  Constraint Reach
 Information updated regularly  No updation possible
 Results measurable  Results immeasurable
 Little or no interaction with the customer Customer interaction possible

Online Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

Google Ad Words PPC Advertising: Advertising on Google is the fastest
way to reach your potential customers by creating, developing and
optimizing your own website.

Google Analytics: Analyse your website activities, pay per click and also the source of traffic. Understand your page growth, conversions and the
leads generated with a complete analysis.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for growing your business through social media. Find long-lasting customers and grow your business exponentially through the people around you and gain immense trust. best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai

Instagram: Advertising on Instagram is the newest in thing and the largest platform which helps in the maximum conversions of leads for your business. Share your business and its day to day activity with the help of
Instagram to create realistic information for your Customers. Best Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai, Vashi -MediaMitra 2019

Youtube: Choose your customers and target to whom you specifically want to show your business. Pay only when they see your ad, hence having a
controlled budget and a wider reach.

LinkedIn: Give your Business a Professional touch through the LinkedIn platform. Gain more real and professional Data and instantly grow your business with more conversions. Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Vashi | Navi Mumbai 2019

Social media Marketing Courses in Thane

Twitter: Expose your business to an influential and receptive Audience to have a better growth and success ratio. Get a huge following with the help of a reputed Person or Brand.

Pinterest: Promote your brand by getting maximum Pins through Pinterest.
Use demographics to increase your Value and increase your Brand

Blogging and AdSense: Blog about anything and Earn with the help of
Adsense. Market it on Platforms as big as Google and Upscale your business by ten folds.

E-Commerce Website Marketing: Achieve your business goals faster and successfully through your E-Commerce Website Marketing. Structure your
Website to get maximum traffic.

Mobile Marketing: With the whole world summing up on a mobile, it is necessary to reach out to people through mobile marketing. Increase your reach at any time and anywhere with mobile marketing.

Email Marketing: Achieve a Personalised strategy with the help of Email
Marketing. Higher your conversion rates with this strategy.

Content Marketing: Market your Brand or Product without actually giving the impression of marketing. Create audience related content and promote with maximum success ratio.

Digital Marketing Courses in Vashi

Affiliate Marketing: Build your Networking strategy with Affiliate
Marketing and increase your customer base with a Lookalike audience.

Online Media Planning and Buying: Media plays an important role in
Planning a Strategy of the company. Increase your potential with the use of appropriate media for your ads and campaigns.

Creating Marketing Strategy: One who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail. Hence
Creating a Marketing Strategy is the first step towards Success. Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Vashi | Navi Mumbai 2019

Introduction to Market Place Selling: A Good market place to sell your products is as important as the product itself. Know your market place to have exponential growth in a short span.

Lead Generation: Generate your sales Pipeline with a funnel to get the
perfect customers so that your sales conversion gets up 100% result.

Online Reputation Management: Retaining your Brand name is as important as Creating it. Online Reputation Management helps to create Trust in your Brand and Products.

Whatsapp Marketing: Interact with your customers on a day to day basis
and create a loyalty program with managing their queries regularly, hence
creating Trust and a long term business strategy.

Career Guidance: Start your Career with Strategic Planning and a Line of
Action to maximize your Growth Faster with MediaMitra. Work with
Passion towards your Passion and Create your Own Destiny.Best Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai, Vashi -MediaMitra 2019

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