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Best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai | Vashi | Ghatkopar

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai



MediaMitra Provides 100% placement assistance to our students. As we also provide digital marketing services we are in contact with corporates.
Join MediaMitra and take advantage of our network.


MediaMitra is a lifetime friend to each student. MediaMitra strongly believes in maintaining lifetime relationships with the students. A lifetime query support is provided to each student at MediaMitra. MediaMitra is always updated with latest trends in digital marketing field. Hence Student will be getting all the solutions to new challenges faced.


After course completion, MediaMitra offers an internship program where students can work on live projects. As MediaMitra is also into providing digital marketing services, students gets chance to work on real-time projects with a defined deadline.

Digital Marketing training institute in ghatkopar

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Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful for their career.


Offering a multicultural and friendly environment in which students can successfully learn Advance skills and core competitive content, develop their special talents and social competencies.


Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalized attention to each student's performance and interest.


Master Digital Marketing Program

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Digital Marketing Course in Ghatkopar/Navi Mumbai


3 Hrs Master

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute Navi Mumbai SMS Marketing SMS stands for Short Message Service marketing. SMS marketing is a process to send text-based messages to broad audiences around the world. SMS marketing is another digital way to connect with your customers. Today each one of us spends the majority of our time using Mobile […]

Digital-marketing-course-in-navi-mumbai-/ Ghatkopar MediaMitra


2 Hrs Master

Digital Marketing Courses Navi Mumbai Placement YOUTUBE : Today Videos are a great form of content. As most of the people due to their busy schedule prefer listening over reading.  In addition, many free platforms are available today to create short Videos. Video content is proved more powerful to grab the target audience’s attention. Due […]

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Navi Mumbai. They teach us to step by step process along with sufficient practical training. Great teaching methodology. I completed the Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai. In this institute(MediaMitra) provides well skills in lectures the way they involve every student in learning is marvelous. You will never feel like you are not getting proper attention. The faculties are very talented and staffs are very cooperative.👍

Shweta Dubey

Experience takes the form of a memory! Some memories bring a smile on our face and we revisit it again and go down the beautiful memory lane and experience positive vibes! It is a perfect one! And some memories are a bit bitter that are not perfect,we cannot change it but we LEARN from it,so that we do not recreate it in future,which is one merit of this experience,this memory! But my memory in MediaMitra (Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Vashi) is something unique! It brings a smile on my face which makes it picture perfect at the same time it consists of learning,growing in knowledge..So there is is picture perfect moment with an element of learning,seeking knowledge and growing. Yes,that makes my experience at this Institute a unique one!

Shaikh Asma

MediaMitra is a (best digital marketing training institute in navi mumbai) the trainers are very helpful n supportive n the staff is also very friendly they taught me alot which is very important nowadays environment of the institute is very positive I will highly recommend MediaMitra for doing Digital Marketing courses in navi Mumbai.

Tanisha Singh

MediaMitra is the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute As I was searching for a digital marketing training institute in Navi Mumbai for a long time So I had got the reference on Instagram So I would suggest joining the MediaMitra digital marketing training institute in Navi Mumbai. All the teaching faculty are so supportive and solve all the queries, As of they have lifetime query support And They also help us to work on live project to make better in industry 100℅ Practical Knowledge, 100% Placement Assistant,100-lifetime query support

Ritesh Shertate

Best Digital Marketing Institute In New Mumbai. Positive Vibes and Quality Teaching. Practical Working on Live Projects. Experienced Faculties. Lifetime Query Support.

Rohan Gore

MediaMitra is the Best Digital Marketing Institute, if you really want to learn advance digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai so this is the best place for learning, you don't find any loopholes in case of learning and teaching, managed flexible timings, all staff is supporting and giving the best advice for the career.


From the first day of class is going good and well satisfied with staff and their lectures. I think MEDIAMITRA (Best digital marketing in navi Mumbai) is fabulous and very supportive in navi Mumbai then others. Want to gain extra ? Then it's here. Must check this guys.

Anand Soni

I would Highly recommend MediaMitra for Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai. Every Lecture and Live Project gives you Maximum Knowledge which is Applied in Industries. Each Faculty has the Expertise Knowledge in their Respective Module. 100% Assistance made me Helpful to Join as an Intern at Tropico Aqua as a Digital Marketer Thank You MediaMitra for your Support.

Rahul Bandal

One of the best institutes in Navi Mumbai for Digital Marketing at a reasonable price. Very helpful and there is good guidance from the faculty. Flexible timing and also guides you on live projects.

Jovita Regi

Best institute for learning about importance and how to handle your own social media. Today business can thrive only by leveling up their social media game. Media Mitra team is so friendly and available to genuinely help you and guide you through achieving your business dream.

Akanksha Neware

Business Owner

It is the most amazing learning place I have ever seen. You can learn here at your own convenience. The atmosphere is super positive and great. Helps you to grow professionally and personally both. The best faculty I have ever seen. Learning and training is fun here.

Kajal Bedi

Social Media Marketing Expert

It is a great institute to learn digital marketing. The trainers are very helpful and they are always ready to guide you. The best digital marketing tarining institute in Navi Mumbai. I would highly recommend people to choose MEDIAMITRA to learn digital marketing.

Amal M Juolay

MediaMitra- I won't say five stars would rather say five constellations. The moment you enter MediaMitra there is a positive generation of a belief that you have landed up at the right place for a digital marketing course. The staff is very cordial ready to deliver always with a broad smile. They have faculty who are best in the business that will help you gain confidence in theory and practical. Everything is very organized. Special thanks to Prem Sir for all the guidance. I want to wish you all the very best. Thanks a ton.

Ganesh Jadhav

I highly recommend MediaMitra for the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Navi Mumbai. Best Digital Marketing courses in affordable fees. Flexible Timings and 100% Placement Assistance. MediaMitra not only helped to complete the Digital Marketing course but it also guides the student to choose the right career.

Trupti Suraj Gaikwad

MediaMitra Positive atmosphere, supportive staff, highly talented in structures also always ready to solve queries. If you are planning to do a career in Digital marketing Mediamitra is the best place for you. Highly recommended.

Nitesh Pardeshi

One of the best digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai very cooperative staff, friendly atmosphere, very nice experience

Sachin Kumbhar


Bhuvanesh Bhoir

It is the best digital marketing training institute, I had seen my friend progress in this industry from this institute and joined, but this course has shown me a different dimension of Digital world, being in software development for 13 years , I wished had joined here early and would have explored the curious and creative part of me , The best part of Media Mitra making it best Digital marketing institute 1) in-depth knowledge 2) practical training 3) flexible timing 4) experienced trainer 5) anytime query support 6) practice sessions 7) Guidance in projects 8) job assistance

Abhishek Sable

My involvement with MediaMitra Institute was first class. They set aside the effort to completely comprehend my business and it's complexities. They worked on my project and I could gain the benefits in my business. The teaching staff expertise in their field. I Highly suggest MediaMitra as the best Digital Marketing Institute.

Mitali Bhargav Patil

I Has Joined Mediamitra, Vashi Last Month. There is Excellent Faculty, Flexible class hours, Good teachers, a Positive environment, Good career preparation, Hands-on training. This Course helps us to achieve all our business prospectus. I wish them all the very best & future success.

Suman Jain

Director of Tactona Hill

Fantastic Digital marketing class!! II would definitely recommend it to interested in marketing students. shout out to Prem Dubey sir for excellent coaching.

Abhay Shenoy

When I decided to do the Digital Marketing course, one of my friends recommended me to join Mediamitra. I joined Mediamitra and was impressed by the teaching method as they teach by showing live examples by which we could understand it better and could remember it for a lifetime. The staff here is very supportive and friendly by which we can ask doubts.

Rohit More

best digital marketing course for beginners learned a lot from them. They bring experts as a guest lecturer that also helped me a lot of great staff and their teaching skills are mind-blowing 💯 Positive atmosphere and they always give a helping hand ❤

Amar Wagh



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Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai

The way in which the market is going nowadays, digital marketing has become the most important skill to learn. Whether you want to promote your own business or finding a bright career for yourself, Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai is the best you can do.

So, what Digital Marketing actually means?

Digital Marketing actually means to drive more and more traffic through any electronic medium. Now is the time of online marketing. Due to the pandemic and all crisis, people generally rely more on online things rather than going outside and buy something.

This actually creates an urge for businesses to make a presence online. Thus, learning a Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai will help you a lot in making this remarkable presence online or making a bright career.

Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai

There is an exponential rise in digital marketing jobs these days as each and every company wants to drive more and more traffic to their business. Whether a small or a big company, each of them have to rely on digital marketing in order to attract their audience. 
Digital marketing is not just having a website on Google now or running unstrategic ads. The importance of digital marketing has increased much in the past few years. Thus, it is a good option for you to have a digital marketing course in the Navi Mumbai. 
Now, the question is, how joining the digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai will help you in growing your business or heading towards a bright career.
First of all, let’s discuss how it will help your business to grow. Through digital marketing, you can reach your audience in the place where they use to spend their time and money. 
Almost each and every second person now is available on social media. Adults for entertainment purposes and kids for their school projects. Old age people also engage themselves on social media now. They get interesting news and lots of gossips to do there.
Other than this, they are also much influenced by the advertisements shown to them. So, they use to buy the products online more. They engage much of their time with branded content.
So, if you learn how to target the right audience from the digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai, you can attract your audience easily.

Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai

Unlike offline marketing, online marketing gives the chance to the small business to rank on the top. If small business follow the right strategy, they can even be on the top of the search engine page result. That is next to impossible in offline marketing. 
Other than this, through digital marketing, businesses can drive more targeted audience to their products. As in digital marketing you have the option to target your audience as per their age, their gender, interests, location, and much more. This helps you get the right customer to your shop in no time.
You can through digital marketing actually stay connected with each of your clients personally. There are many ways online through which you can connect with your customers on a regular basis. Through emails, you can have their feedback. Also, you can update them about your new offerings from time to time. 
By using digital marketing strategies, you have a chance to understand your customer more than before. You can easily track, your audience. From which channel he or she is coming to your website? What is the age group of your audience? What is the time when more traffic comes to your website? Which is the product in which they are taking more interest?
You can use this data to target a more specific audience. 

Build Career In Digital Marketing In Navi Mumbai

Digital marketing is the best option to make a bright career. This is one of the most creative fields I have seen.  The more you can imagine, the more you can get success in this field. 
Obviously, you will not have more creativity initially due to the lack of knowledge. That is not an issue at all. You can initially learn from the people already present online before you.
Analyzing them will help you grow your skillset by the time. Now, how you can make a career in this filed. By learning digital marketing from the digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai, you can easily build your career in this field. 
You can promote other’s business, you can do a part-time job with your current job. Also, you can take freelancing projects if you want and can do work as per your convenience. 
So, digital marketing has many ways to offer you a shining career. It is up to you, how you can enter and get success in this field.
Also, it is a good option for college-going students to add up to their pocket money. Other than this, learning digital marketing from the digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai will add up to your resume as a bright skill set. 
You can get the advantage of this in your job as every company needs this talent in today’s time. 

Digital Marketing Institute In NavI Mumbai

By adding digital marketing skills in your resume, you can stand out in the interviews with a positive note. If you are having a business or even if you are planning to have one, then also a digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai is very helpful to you. 
Having knowledge of digital marketing can help you grow your business in an amazing way. Knowledge of digital marketing can help you in many ways in your career. 
Opportunities for growth in this field is remarkable. And it is not necessary to have your own business. You can earn from other business also. And there is no surprise if I will say, digital marketing executives, get a high salary today. 
There are many sectors in the field of digital marketing. Having skilled in any of them can get you a good salary easily. If we talk about India, the way India has taken the digital marketing approach these days have secured digital marketing jobs more and more.
We know that in India we have more youngsters than in other countries. So, this is also a reason that Indians get more engaged in social media than any other country. 
Engaging the customers directly means that they are more available to see tour business promotion. Also, they can get converted or by your products if you are able to present it the right way. 

Scope Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a field for just one type of person. You can be creative, you can be analytical, you can be. Also, you can be technically inclined or insightful. The field of digital marketing will serve you as per your skills. It has jobs and scope for every type of person. 
Other than this, it is not necessary for you to be from a particular educational background. You can be from any field, if you know how to sun computer or smartphone well, you can easily learn this digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai.
It is a dynamic environment allowing people to explore the world of digital and understanding what consumers want. so, it does not require any particular degree from you. Digital Marketing filed just demands from you the right skills. 
You just have that zest to learn new things always. Because the digital marketing field is one of the most dynamic, ever-changing fields. So, in order to keep up with the race, you have to work on your skillset always. 
If you can keep up with your skills on a regular basis, you can do wonders for you and the market. In order to learn this most interesting subject and to enter in the most dynamic field, you can join our digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai.

Segments In Digital Marketing

There are many different courses for you to do join under the digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai. This field includes the creation of the website to the ranking of the website on the top of the search engine page result. 
Let us have a look at different topics of digital marketing –
  • Website designing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Webmaster Tools.
  • mobile Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Creating Ad Campaigns.
  • Creating Email campaigns.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
The above segmentation is just the broad one. All these topics have further segments in them. If you go for website designing, it is the most creative part of digital marketing. 
The website actually is the first appearance of your business. The website of your company will represent your business on a global level. It speaks a lot about your business before you actually speak. So, it is the most responsible and most creative work.
After the creation of the website, it is necessary that it takes a top position in the search engine page results. If not, there will be no use of having your website online. 
You must have noticed that when you search for something on google, you only visit top ranking websites. Or I can say the top ranking websites attract your attention first. Am I right? I know I am. 
So, this is true with the rest of the audience also. The top-ranking websites attract their attention too. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of your customers, you must have your website on the top of the search engine results page. 

Online Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai

In order to rank on the top of the search engine results page, there are two types of processes. One of the processes brings organic results to your website. The other one brings paid traffic to your website. 
The process through which you get organic traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization. You may also know it as SEO. Another process that brings paid traffic to your website is Search Engine Marketing. Also, you can call it as SEM.
Search Engine optimization is further divided into black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and grey hat SEO. This division is on the basis of techniques they follow for getting top rank on the search engine results page. 
Search Engine Optimization actually is a continuous and slow process. If you use it properly, you will take the time to build a loyal customer base and ranking on the search engine result page. But many people, in order to get fast ranking on position on search engine results page, use wrong techniques. Such type of techniques comes under black hat SEO. 
The mixture of white hat SEO and black hat SEO results in the grey hat SEO. That is neither purely right nor purely wrong. 

Digital Marketing Course Certification In Navi Mumbai

Learning a digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai will get you a digital marketing certification also. This certification helps you while going for an interview as it adds up to your skills in the fastest-growing field of today’s time. 
But doing a digital marketing course just for certification is of no use until you have the zeal to learn and progress in the field. You can only justify the certification of digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai when you have that enthusiasm to keep up with the ever-changing field. 
Stay up to date with the modifications, work on your skillset on a regular basis. Upgrade your skills from time to time. And bringing new ideas by experimenting continuously. 
If you really want to make a bright career in the field of digital marketing. And you have the zeal to learn and grow fast in modern times, then you should join our Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai.
Hurry up if you want to get into the fastest-growing field, think and act as fast as possible. 
Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai

Frequently Asked Question.

Why MediaMitra ?

MediaMitra started with the vision of providing a high-grade practical learning experience in the field of Digital Marketing and create a productive workforce for the country. MediaMitra is a lifetime friend to each student. We strongly believe in maintaining lifetime relationships with the students. A lifetime query support is provided to each student. We are always updated with the latest trends in the digital marketing field. Hence Students will be getting all the solutions to challenges faced.

What are the batches available?

MediaMitra provides flexible batch timings to the students. Students can select the batch timings as per their convenience.  Morning, Evening, Weekdays and Weekend batches available.

What if I miss out on a class ?

If a student misses out on a class due to some reason, sessions of the same lecture are scheduled again. We keep a track of sessions of each student. Accordingly, we arrange and schedule the same session again.

Will I get to work on LIVE PROJECTS ?

Yes, after course completion, MediaMitra offers an internship program where students can work on live projects. As we also have the in-house agency for providing digital marketing services our students get the chance to work on real-time projects with a defined deadline. Based on their interest students can work on any live project say it to be an SEO Project, Social Media Marketing or website designing.

How much salary can I expect as a fresher?

After completion, of the course, 3 months internship is a must for every student. You can expect CTC starting from INR 1.8 lacs-2.4 lacs Per annum at the fresher level.

What all Locations does MediaMitra serves ?

Currently, MediaMitra provides training at Vashi, Navi Mumbai and Ghatkopar,Mumbai.

Do you provide certification after course completion ?

8 Google certification plus 1 certificate from MediaMitra.

What is the Scope of digital marketing industry ?

Today in this digital era as the easy availability of the internet, our way of connecting and sharing information has changed. In addition, not only in connecting but also there is a shift in people buying patterns and behaviors from offline to online.

This industry is growing at 9% compound annual growth (CAGR) which creates more job opportunities

  • Internet traffic from mobile devices to exceed computer traffic by 2020. 71 % of the total traffic would be from Smartphones and tablets.
  • Internet users will increase by 1 billion-plus in-between 2019-2020 (specifically from 3 Billion to 4.1 Billion by 2020).
  • Devices and connections are going to increase from 17.3 Billion to 26.3 Billion by 2020.

Do you conduct Corporate training / Students Workshop ?

Yes, We do conduct workshops for students as well as corporate at regular time intervals.

Who can join the course ?

Anyone who is looking for a growing industry. Whether you are a student, professional, freelancer, homemaker or entrepreneur, you can apply for a digital marketing course.

How qualified are the faculties at MediaMitra?

MediaMitra consists of a team of digital marketing industry experts as faculties who share their vast experience and practical knowledge with the students. All the faculties are experts in their respective fields who are also handling the projects of big companies.

Is Placement Assistance provided?

Yes, MediaMitra Provides 100% placement assistance to the students. As we also provide digital marketing services we have many corporate clients. We provide placement assistance to students with the help of our corporate networks.

Can I repeat the same session?

Yes, students can repeat the sessions so that their queries and doubts are resolved.